Therapeutic Recreation

The Therapeutic Recreation Department at Carillon offers a

comprehensive program of leisure activities including evening and

weekend programs. Residents are encouraged to choose

ities from the Therapeutic Recreation calendar based on their

individual interests. Carillon has a Recreational program that can

provide leisure opportunities for every person.


Our summer barbeques, special dinners and luncheons boast

a wide variety of specialty foods designed to enhance the taste

buds of any resident. Stimulating educational and cultural

programs are offered for every level of cognitive functioning.

Holidays are celebrated in a unique was so as to generate active

participation from all residents. Spiritual services are offered to all

residents on a weekly basis. Participation in daily physical

activities is encouraged to help each resident achieve his or her

optimal level of independence. Certified Recreational Therapists

and activity staff are trained to provide structured programs to

assist residents in acquiring lifelong leisure skills through Leisure



Therapeutic Recreation for the short-term resident includes

activities to reinforce functional skills that will be used after

discharge. Each resident is provided with Leisure Resources and

encouraged to utilize the services available within the community.




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